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The UltraFast CrossTrainer® is made by Regal Stephah LLC, a company formed by two friends who wanted to create a lower priced ROM machine similar to the “ROM Time Machine” (the 4-Minute CrossTrainer) offered by Romfab of California. In 2007 the founders of Regal Stephah became interested in the ROM machine sold by Romfab when one of them was looking for an exercise program to get back into shape following six months of inactivity due to an injury. The allure of a four minute workout was too tempting to pass up. So, the co-founder purchased a machine, and in just six weeks time his physical fitness improved significantly by performing a single 4 minute workout each day. He found that this exercise technology was a great way for him to get back into shape. He also realized that with people exercising less due to ever increasing demands on their time, a four minute workout would be an excellent solution for them. However, one of the main obstacles to purchasing a Romfab brand ROM machine is the price. Therefore, Regal Stephah was formed with the sole purpose of offering this exercise technology at a significantly lower price so more people could afford the technology to help them lead healthier lives.

On a side note, we are often asked about the origin of the name of our company and how to pronounce it. It is a combination of the names of the founders’ children. The phonetic pronunciation is rē'-gəl stē'-və.